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Career in Digital Media

Turn your love of animation and gaming into a rewarding and exciting career, and use digital media to imagine, inform or persuade.

The internet is now our primary means of communication – so the opportunities for graduates in digital media studies have never been greater.

Where can digital media take you?

From computer games to animations, when you study digital media design at Raffles in Sydney you’ll open the door to a diverse range of positions with production companies, creative agencies and software developers throughout Australia, or around the world. You can work across multiple channels, in roles such as:
  • Multimedia designer
  • Web designer
  • Games developer
  • Animator
  • Visual or graphic designer
  • Interactive learning creator
  • Content creator
  • New media creator
  • Production design manager

What do employers look for in a digital media graduate?

If you are creative, flexible and dedicated to your craft, and if you can reliably produce quality digital media designs to deadline, you’ll be a perfect position to work in this field.

Kickstart your career with a digital media internship

When you study a bachelor degree at Raffles, you’ll do a compulsory internship with one of our industry partners. With professional supervision in a real-world environment, you can apply your practical skills and talents, strengthen your portfolio or work and build a valuable network of industry contacts.
Our students are often offered a graduate position with their internship firm, so it’s a great opportunity to get your digital media career off to a flying start.


Still unsure whether a career in digital media is for you? Attend our digital media workshops running during the school holidays.
Learn from people in the know what it takes to create animations and games that strike a chord with audiences. Using concept art to develop the visual ideas and stories, you’ll see how projects start to take shape through the creation of components like 3D models. You’ll even get the chance to work on some practical projects of your own. The workshop leaders are all industry insiders so you’ll learn what it’s really like to work in this unique field, and the variety of job opportunities available.

If you are interested in attending our digital media workshop email:



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Use the latest digital tools to bring stories to vivid life on screens. Learn to work as part of a production team – like the ones that work on feature films, TV, apps and games. With a career in animation, you’ll join one of the most exciting industries in the world.


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