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Can your business provide valuable experience for would-be interns? We'd love to have your support and give Raffles interns a chance to experience what you have to offer.

Internships are an important part of our education at Raffles College. We believe it is crucial for a student to supplement their studies with Industry experience to gain a realistic insight of what is expected of them prior to entering the industry. Host companies taking part in our Internship program have the opportunity to be part in making a valuable contribution to a young person’s development.

To qualify for a Bachelor Degree, a student is required to work as intern for 128 hours in a workplace related to their major. To earn the relevant credit points we expect a student to gain a rich experience about the industry by being exposed to the full scope of their chosen major as well as gaining an insight into the holistic approach to ideas development and business practices. A suitable host company would be one who can:

  • Support an intern to learn about the professional practice
  • Provides opportunities to expand their knowledge and enhance and reinforce knowledge acquired thus far
  • Provides supervision and critical appraisal by an experienced professional with appropriate credential in their field
  • Gives opportunities to ask questions and interact with qualified professionals in their field of expertise.

We believe such an experience should be mutually beneficial to the student and the company. If you are a company who is prepared to pass on some of your expertise to the next generation of professionals in your field we welcome you to fill in the following details. 

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