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CT091 3D Animation

6 credit points

Course Code CT091

Subject Outline

CT091 3D Animation


Dominic Mazzo

Program Director

Alan Chen


Two Terms, 18 Weeks


Animation CT063

Contact hours/week

Part 1: 3.5

Part 2: 4.0

Credit points


Self Study hours/week



Subject Description

Students in this subject will develop the skills required to animate in '3D' with an emphasis on character driven performances.

Students will confidently identify and implement fundamental animation principles, as they relate to the 3D environment.

Students will learn and apply a structured approach, or workflow, to building a performance in '3D' and develop a sensitivity to acting and performance within the medium.

Students will be exposed to the technical skills required to deal with performance capture data and digital games animation cycles.

Students will be encouraged to develop their creative, practical and technical capabilities to manage major or minor jobs related to studio work, freelance or self-generated projects. Students will learn how to approach 3D animation independently or collaboratively with confidence.


Learning outcomes

  1. Demonstrate Animation principles within a professional 3D authoring package.

  2. Animate shots from blocking through to final polish.

  3. Animate performance using fundamental acting principles, lip sync and facial animation.

  4. Animate with performance capture data.

  5. Animate for the digital game's environment.


Assessment Table



Weighting %

Week Due

Learning Outcome

  1. Class exercises




1, 2

  1. Project: Animate A Shot from Blocking to Final Polish



Week 18

2, 3

  1. Animate Game Cycles, using mocap data where possible



Week 18

4, 5


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