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DN033 Drawing

6 credit points

Course Code DN033

Subject Outline

DN033 Drawing


Brendan Smith


2 - 2014

Program Director

Alan Chen


8 weeks



Contact hours/week


Credit points

6 Credit Points

Self Study hours/week

8 Hours


Subject Description

The purpose of this elective is:

To give students further quality experience and understanding in freehand drawing as a fundamental tool for communication across all major areas of study.

Communicating ideas through drawing is an integral part of the creative (and related) industries and in particular, a fundamental part of a designer's job.

Classes will focus on the differences and variety of the objective and subjective experiences of drawing.

The 6 hour subject is divided into 2 areas of study, each of 3 hours:

The Objective:

Still life, interior, built environment, landscape and life drawing, focussing on formal techniques of drawing,


The Subjective:

Focussing on conceptual drawing, illustration and experimentation.

Both areas will also focus on varieties of alternative rendering techniques explained, investigated and experienced; as well as ‘best practice’ in the use of different media including charcoal, pencil, pastels, markers etc.

The intention is to develop the relationship between what is seen or thought and how we graphically represent these images and ideas through the exploration of techniques, mediums and styles; while also developing creative thinking, analysis and critiquing abilities.

Lectures and research will focus on the history of drawing with particular emphasis on the study of drawings of artists and designers relevant to the student’s major areas of study.


Learning outcomes or Competencies

Successful completion of this subject provides sufficient evidence of achievement of all the following learning outcomes.

  • 1. the development of hand generated techniques and skills;

  • 2. an ability to record images quickly in simple line drawings;

  • 3. an ability to visually communicate ideas effectively through freehand drawing;

  • 4. an ability to visualize and render graphically considered perceptions of objects, interiors, the built environment, landscapes and the human figure;

  • 5. an ability to visualize and render graphically conceptual thought and abstract ideas;

  • 6. an ability to demonstrate a variety of drawing and illustration techniques;

  • 7. the understanding of the historical importance of drawing and its relationship to design and other creative industries;

  • 8. the development of visual literacy and visual representation skills

  • 9. the understanding that the drawing of ideas is highly advantageous to effective communication in industry and professional practice.


Assessment Table



Weighting %

Week Due

Learning Outcome

1. a portfolio of drawings

a presentation folio of 10 completed drawings showcasing the best of a variety of class exercises, i.e. in a variety of mediums, and in a variety of styles and covering a range of ideas.





2. artist and designer research journal and sketchbook

a notebook/ journal/ sketchbook that includes set research, class exercises and outside-class-time exercises.





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