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FD071 Fashion Design Studio 2

6 credit points

Course Code FD071

Subject Outline

FD071 Fashion Design Studio 2


Liza Rowe

Leonie Smith

Program Director

Nicholas Comino



FD070 Fashion Design Studio 1,

AC007 Computing for Design,

DN019 Drawing Design Principals and Colour theory


GD059 Applied Graphics and Imaging

FD072 Fashion Past & Present

Contact Hours/Week

6 hours week (3 hours design and

3 hours manufacture)

Credit points


Self study hours/week



18 Weeks (2 terms)



Subject Description

This subject enables students to integrate research and practice with the application of pattern making, material understanding and fabrication techniques to produce fashion design solutions.



  • Advanced design and making techniques

  • Processes of fashion design and development

  • The skills of research and analysis for the development of specific design briefs

  • Advanced skills in pattern development, garment construction and sewing

  • Introduction to critiquing your own and others work


Learning outcomes or Competencies

On successful completion of this subject, learners will be able to:

  1. Research, analyze and develop a fashion design brief

  2. Develop a personal visual style and language and communicate this through drawing, documentation and finished works

  3. Produce creative solutions for finished patterns and garments, outfits and a mini-range from a design brief

  4. Apply patternmaking techniques and skills to achieve industry-ready patterns in response to a production sketch.

  5. Apply garment construction techniques to produce garment/s to industry standards

  6. Visually communicate concepts, garments and patterns

  7. Document garment design and production processes


Assessment Table



Weighting %

Week Due

Learning Outcome

1. Design

Visual research for a design brief presentation with story boards and journal documentation



Term 1

Week 8

1, 3

2. Design

Presentation of completed mini-range, and prototype garment on the dress stand with portfolio.

Project and portfolio


Term 2

Week 18

1, 2, 3, 6, 7

3. Basic garment:

Patterns, toile and documentation

Project and portfolio


Term 1

Week 8

2, 4, 5, 6, 7.

4. Individual design:

Patterns, toile, finished garment and documentation

Project and portfolio


Term 2

Week 18

2, 4, 5, 6, 7



Attendance: When a student's attendance falls below 80% without adequate explanation, their final mark will be automatically limited to, at best, a Pass.

Late submission: All work submitted after the submission deadline will be limited to a maximum of 50% and will not be accepted after the end of the study period unless special circumstances apply.

Plagiarism and Cheating: Any form of cheating, collusion, or plagiarism will be handled in accordance with the Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism Policy found under the Academic Policies on Raffles Policies and Procedure page.

A full description of all rules and regulations is available via the student handbook which is available via our web site.


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