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FM003 E-Fashion

6 credit points

Course Code FM003

Subject Outline

FM003 E-Fashion


Lisa Collins

Program Director

Nick Camino

Credit points



1 term

Awarding Course

Bachelor of Design (Fashion Marketing)

Course Level

Year 1


Introduction to Fashion Marketing

Contact hours/week


Self Study hours/week




Subject Description

The aim of this subject is to solicit and analyse Internet marketing data. The subject will investigate and interpret computer networks and other telecommunications technologies which link employees, suppliers, and customers in different locations through the public Internet and intranets.

The theory will investigate the technological advances, pitfalls and development in the fashion marketing industry and assess potential new e-fashion markets. The subject will incorporate marketing techniques, design concepts and branding to promote products on the Internet.



E-Fashion Introduction

  • Introduction of lecturer & subject

  • E-Fashion overview

  • Communication technology & the internet

  • Online marketing terminology

  • The role of technology

  • Web functions

  • Trends

E Marketing communication

  • Marketing copy

  • Design

  • Branding

  • Direct marketing techniques

Sales and marketing online

  • Online store

  • Online community

  • Customer security online

  • Viral marketing

  • Incorporating newsletters, email

Developing e-marketing strategies

  • Planning e-marketing

  • 7 C’s of e-marketing

  • Marketing mix

  • Relationship marketing

  • Satisfying customer needs

  • Different buyer seller websites

  • Multinational economic integration

  • Strategic opportunities

Search Engine Optimisation and advertising

  • SEO

  • Advertising

  • Analytics

  • Accounting

Design elements and accounting theory

  • Design elements

  • Accounting terminology

  • Profit & loss

  • Start up budgeting

  • Cash flow

Business Models and Online Marketing Challenges

  • Distribution systems

  • Business models

  • Global issues

  • Legal issues

  • Political & legal challenges

  • Vertical integration systems


Learning outcomes or Competencies

On successful completion of this subject, learners will be able to:

1. Rationalise and articulate marketing plans to the digital environment.

2. Identify and analyse new emerging e-business models.

3. Understand the issues involved in planning and executing definitive marketing research.

4. Investigate and source customer buying behaviour patterns on the internet.

5. Investigate, analyse and utilise contemporary techniques and marketing strategies in response to emerging fashion-marketing trends.


Assessment Table



Weighting %

Week Due

Learning Outcome

1. Critique of apparel website business.



Week 4


2. Marketing & financial plan

Marketing plan


Week 7


3. Website development plan



Week 8



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