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FM005 Brand Management

6 credit points

Course Code FM005

Subject Outline

FM005 Brand Management


Elise Slater

Program Director

Nick Comino

Awarding Course

Bachelor of Design (Fashion Marketing)


1 term


Introduction to Fashion Marketing, Fashion Communication, E-fashion, Digital Strategies for Fashion Marketing

Contact hours/week


Credit points


Self Study hours/week



Subject Description

This subject examines the importance of developing strategies focused on brand management. The module will present branding strategy options, and outlines how a poorly planned branding strategy can confuse customers and devalue a company’s competitive strength. The subject articulates brand designing and building, the challenges in branding development, and developing branding strategies to form competitive barriers and work towards establishing and sustaining a competitive market position.



Product Planning

  • Product hierarchy, classifications, mix decisions, line decisions, brand equity

Brand Attributes

  • Benefits, values, culture and demographic issues

  • Brand awareness, acceptability, preference, brand loyalty

Brand Equity from the Perspective of:

  • Challenges in Branding

  • Branding Decision: To Brand or not to Brand?

  • Designing a brand

  • Brand Sponsor Decision.

  • Brand-Name Decision.

  • Brand Strategy Decision.

  • Brand Repositioning Decision.

Analysis of Manufacturer v Private Brands:

  • Why do intermediaries sponsor their own brands?

Factors to Consider when Determining an Appropriate Brand Name:

  • Blanket family name for all products

  • Separate family names for all products

  • Company trade name combined with individual product names

  • Linguistic considerations.

  • Cultural considerations.

  • Legal considerations.

Types of Branding:

  • Line extensions.

  • Brand Extensions.

  • Multi-brands and flanker brands.

  • New Brands.

  • Co-Branding.

Brand Image on Packaging and Labeling Decisions


Learning outcomes or Competencies

  1. Identify and analyse branding issues in terms of brand design and product strategy development.

  2. Understand the concept of brand equity and creating processes to avoid brand equity depreciation

  3. Identify how branding campaigns interact with the other business functions to promote organizational effectiveness and economic resilience for design businesses

  4. Relate theory to practice, modify applications and develop creative solutions to brand management challenges created by differing products, organizational constraints and market conditions

  5. Understand and interpret how current trends will influence the future development of the marketing industry in today’s design business

  6. Solve business problems supported by a range of both quantitative & qualitative data


Assessment Table



Weighting %

Week Due

Learning Outcome

1. Existing brand research report

Report & presentation



4, 5, 6

2. Create and Develop your own Brand

Report & presentation



1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6



Attendance: When a student's attendance falls below 80% without adequate explanation, their final mark will be automatically limited to, at best, a Pass.

Late submission: All work submitted after the submission deadline will be limited to a maximum of 50% and will not be accepted after the end of the study period unless special circumstances apply.

Plagiarism and Cheating: Any form of cheating, collusion, or plagiarism will be handled in accordance with the Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism Policy found under the Academic Policies on Raffles Policies and Procedure page.

A full description of all rules and regulations is available via the student handbook which is available via our web site.


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