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FM013 Digital Strategies for Fashion Marketing

6 credit points

Course Code FM013

Subject Outline

FM013 Digital Strategies for Fashion Marketing


Lisa Collins

Program Director

Nick Comino


Introduction to Fashion Marketing, E-fashion

Contact hours/week


Credit points


Self Study hours/week



Subject Description

This subject introduces the students to the phenomena that is social media marketing. It examines the various digital platforms and the new arising marketing opportunities and challenges. It also examines the interactive nature of social media marketing, in its ability to create a connection between fashion brand and customer and enhance brand value.

Fashion brands with strong social networking strategies often have stronger customer loyalty and trust, which in contemporary digital marketing often been missing factors. These opportunities have introduced a range of new skills needed by today’s marketers, this subject’s objective is to examine and explore those skills.



Learning outcomes or Competencies

  1. Understand and examine strategic use of social media for marketing purposes

  2. Identify the purpose of social media marketing on the various social media platforms

  3. Plan, measure and implement fashion marketing strategies through various social media platforms.

  4. Understand the significance of social media as an interactive tool in customer engagement.

  5. Analyse and monitor efficiency rate of implemented social media strategies.

  6. Develop a strategic social media campaign

  7. Use social media as controls to evaluate business strategy efficiency.

  8. Understand and implement brand specific social media strategies.

  9. Integrate social media marketing into traditional marketing strategies.


Assessment Table



Weighting %

Week Due

Learning Outcome

1. Social Media Report



Week 5

1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9

2. Social Media Marketing Campaign

Digital campaign and Presentation


Week 8



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