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ID061 Interior Design Past and Present

6 credit points

Course Code ID061

Subject Outline


ID061 Interior Design Past and Present


Dr. Bob Chung

Program Director

Dr. Bob Chung

Credit points



1 Term


ID059 Interior Design  Studio

Contact hours/week


Self study hours/week




Subject Description

The purpose of this module is to:

Study and analyse the application of historical design movements, their contexts and their influences on contemporary design trends.


Learning outcomes

1. Research, and apply concepts drawn from historic reference

2. Analyse the impact of historical evolution of design trends in relation to interior design applications

3. Present and communicate visual and historical information

4. Plan and research spatial qualities, form, colour, materials and finishes

5. Develop design concepts



Assessment Table



Weighting %

Week Due

Learning Outcome

1.   Research on the evolution of the built-environment design and forms

Visual presentation and 800 word summary – handout


Weekly for each chosen group

1, 2, 3

2.  Research and project on a historically significant design movement and/or design personality

Visual and verbal presentation. 500 word, concept rationale.


Week 4

1, 4

3.  Completion and documentation of Project and presentation

Research & Presentation


Week 9

2, 5


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