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TV040 Production Design

6 credit points

Course Code TV040

Subject Outline

Production Design 21320


Alan Chen

Program Director

Alan Chen


9 weeks



Contact hours/week


Credit points


Self Study hours/week



Subject Description

Production Design is aimed at preparing students to work within the design department in the fields of film, television or games. Using practical assignments based around illustrations, students develop and refine their existing design and illustration skills.


Learning outcomes or Competencies

  1. To demonstrate the students can break down and analyse a script

  2. To further develop and advance existing illustration skills

  3. To confidently communicate storytelling ideas using a storyboard

  4. To develop competent research skills

  5. To successfully create three varied artworks using advanced concept art techniques

  6. To deliver a professional presentation to a board of industry professionals



Assessment 1: Script Breakdown (Report / Graph)            10%

Assessment 2: Storyboards (Sequential Illustration)          40%

Assessment 3: Concept Art (Rendered Illustration)            50%


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