Deferment, Suspension And Cancellation Policy And Procedure

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Student-Initiated Deferment of Enrolment before Commencement of Studies 

Students can defer commencement of their course to a later intake date in certain limited compassionate and compelling circumstances (at the discretion of RCDC) or in case of student visa delay.

Students can request a deferment to the commencement of their course in writing to Admissions prior to the program commencing and no later than 10 days after scheduled commencement of the enrolment. 

Once the student has lodged a request in writing to defer his/her studies, Admissions staff will follow normal admissions processes and: 

  • Determine if the reasons for deferment of commencement and the evidence submitted are based on sufficiently compelling or compassionate grounds. 
  • If the student is under 18 years of age, sight evidence of parent or legal guardian supporting the request. 

If the deferment is approved, the student will receive a new Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and will be required to sign a new written agreement to reflect the new commencement date.

The students are advised that: 

  • Their studies can only be deferred for a maximum of two semesters and their enrolment will be subject to changes in fees for the year they commence their studies.
  • If the student is an international student, chooses not to apply for a deferment of his/her commencement date, and fails to commence his/her studies in the term specified in the letter of offer, his/her enrolment will be cancelled after that term’s census date due to a breach of the student’s visa conditions. 

Student-Initiated Deferment or Withdrawal of Enrolment, or Leave of Absence, after Commencement of Studies  

Deferment of Enrolment

Students may apply for deferment of their studies if they have a good reason for doing so based on compassionate or compelling circumstances (at the discretion of RCDC).

Students wishing to defer their enrolment must complete the appropriate ‘Application for Deferment/Withdrawal from a Course’ form and submit to Student Services at least10 working days prior to the requested deferment date.

If the deferment is approved, students will receive a notification from Student Services via email granting the deferment.

Students wishing to take leave from their course (for leave less than two weeks) must complete the ‘Application for Approved Leave’ form and submit it to Student Services. 

Withdrawal of Enrolment

Students who wish to withdraw their enrolment must submit the appropriate ‘Application for Deferment/Withdrawal from a Course’ form and complete the Exit Survey.

If the withdrawal is approved, students will receive a Release Letter from Student Services via email. 

Course Withdrawal and International Student Visa

For international students on a student visa, it is a condition of the visa that they maintain their enrolment at RCDC for the full duration of their visa. If an international student withdraws from the course, RCDC is required by law to notify the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and cancel the student’s CoE. Unless the student applies for another kind of visa or enrols at another institution, DIBP may cancel the student’s visa within 28 days of the cancellation of the student's CoE.

If an international student has withdrawn from the course at RCDC, he/she must be advised in writing to contact DIBP as soon as possible to discuss their options. 


Provider-Initiated Suspension or Cancellation of Enrolment 

RCDC may suspend or cancel a student’s enrolment in case of serious misconduct, unsatisfactory course progress and/or attendance and non-payment of program fees in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the RCDC Policy on Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism, RCDC Course Progress Policy and its Procedure and Attendance Policy. 

Where suspension or cancellation is initiated by RCDC, the student will be given 20 working days to take action under the RCDC Student Grievance and Appeals Policy and Procedures. If an international student initiates action under RCDC's internal complaints and appeals process, the suspension or cancellation of the student enrolment will not take effect until the internal process is completed, unless extenuating circumstances apply.

RCDC will notify affected international students in writing that suspension or cancellation of his/her enrolment may affect his/her student visa and will notify the Secretary of the Department of Education and Training via PRISMS within 14 business days of the variation to student's CoE. 

Cancellation of Enrolments 

A student must notify the Student Services Manager or Student Services staff by completing the withdrawal form and submitting it to the Student Services department if he or she wishes to cancel their enrolment in an award course or non-award studies. A student who cancels their enrolment is deemed to have withdrawn from enrolment in all subjects in their enrolment program.

Provisional Offers & Cancelled Enrolments 

A provisional offer of admission may be made in the absence of appropriate evidence to verify an application, conditional upon the applicant providing evidence by a set deadline or fulfilling other requirements specified in the provisional offer. 

A provisional offer may be withdrawn, or enrolment cancelled, where the applicant fails to provide evidence or to fulfil other requirements specified in the offer of admission. 

An offer of admission may be withdrawn, or enrolment cancelled, if it has been made as a result of the provision of incomplete, falsified or inaccurate information by the person or a certifying authority. 

An offer of admission may be withdrawn if an accepted student fails to enrol by the specified date in accordance with the offer of admission. 

Closing Dates

The Student Services Manager must prescribe and publish closing dates for submission of an application for enrolment into a program for each teaching period. 

The Student Services Manager may prescribe an extension to the closing dates for students who may require it, however the extension date will be no later than census date, which is 2 weeks after course commencement. 

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