Own It: Exclusive Westfield Partnership

July - August 

You loved their prints, now see them come to life as 6 of Australia's best emerging designers from Raffles College of Design create beautiful pieces exclusively for Westfield Parramatta.

See the designer stories below... 

Anne De La Motte: Be Unique
Instagram @de.la.motte

After graduating from Raffles College of Design and Commerce at the end of 2014, her brand 'DE LA MOTTE' made its debut at MBFWA15 with a fresh and relaxed, but luxurious, menswear collection. Last year her Mens SS16 collection was shown in Beijing as part of China Graduate Fashion Week and received a lot of praise including an interview on Beijing TV (BTV). She will present DE LA MOTTE's Resort 17 collection at Sydney Fashion Week this May, as part of The Raffles International Showcase.

Ashleigh Kwong: Be Playful
Instagram @ashleighkwong
Growing up Ashleigh loved drawing, painting, photography, fashion design and graphic design. She incorporates all of these art forms in her design process to create unique and beautiful garments for women.

Gemma SaccasanBe Inspired
Instagram @gemmasaccasan
Gemma's design philosophy is to bring beauty into this world. Her inspiration is based on a very feminine, sophisticated woman who embraces all she is.

Sara AljaismBe Bold
Instagram @aljaism
From a young age, it was apparent that Sara had a passion and an eye for design. She creates gowns with timeless elegance that encapsulates a sense of femininity, grace and empowerment. 

Leah Williams: Be Daring
Instagram @leahwilliamsofficial

Leah's brand is all about creating in-depth conceptual womenswear, inspired by contemporary art & culture.

Tiana Marija Miklecic: Be Creative
Instagram @tianamiklecic
Tiana believes people should feel comfortable to dress for their personality rather than trying to conform to gender controlled boundaries of the industry. Tiana does not want our future generations to grow fearful of who they truly are and societies willingness to accept it.



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